The Union of Fashion and Technology is Near


Another step forward in the direction of mass customization.  Currently the technology is best suited to knits or unfitted designs but when platforms like this can integrate customized shaping, there will be a beautiful union of fashion and technology.



I have been working on automated fitting technologies since 1992.  Initially my focus was to get more hours out of the day but after an unsatisfactory foray into made-to-measure I realized my focus had to expand.  Body positivity movements and fashion fatigue are pushing the garment industry further than it has ever been pushed before.  The public is asking to see body variety represented on runways and mass customized garments readily available.  The years of displaying garment collections on easy to fit bodies to alleviate production costs are gone. The years of women feeling uncomfortable that their bodies are not suited to averaged sizes are gone.


The public is tired of fashion dictating.  The time for fashion to empower is here!


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