Intelligent Tailoring™

Although it is widely accepted that the future of all manufacturing is product customization, it is also understood that the price point of non-customized products will continue to serve a valuable market share.  There will always be thrifty consumers willing to sacrifice choice for price point.  This sacrifice however no longer needs to lead to poor fit.

Already body scanning technologies offer applications that match customer measurement profiles with suitable product lines. These applications offer a curated selection of garments from an overwhelmingly large market to help consumers choose products that most closely suit their bodies.

Soon these technologies will incorporate Intelligent Tailoring™ to offer the consumer a level of fit that surpasses old MTM technologies.  An Intelligent Tailoring™ portfolio works with body scanned data to suggest a “best fit” RTW size and garment alterations that would improve the fit of the suggested size. 

Intelligent Tailoring™ allows a RTW manufacturer the ability to offer a lower price point product with “customizable fit.”

Using the same technology as Intelligent Shaping™, Intelligent Tailoring™ offers alteration suggestions based on balancing fabric grain with custom shaping.  The suggestions are delivered in an instructional portfolio.  Should a consumer loose or gain weight, a new body scan could provide updated tailoring suggestions.  Pending manufacturing infrastructure, Intelligent Shaping™ makes the scope of MTM limitless.  Until now, this level of fitting was only possible with time-consuming physical garment fittings.

Intelligent Tailoring™ databanks also provide manufacturers with current invaluable demographic measurement data.  Contact us to discuss integrated Intelligent Tailoring™ in your product line.


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