Improving Garment Fit


Garment fit, like so many of our modern problems, will be solved by focusing on a solution to the problem rather than addressing a symptom. Like a house that has been built on a cracked foundation, virtual garment design platforms will eventually find that no amount of supporting structure (sizing surveys, data mining, morphological classification, fit preference analysis) can counter it’s foundational flaws.



Virtual garment design and sampling is the future. Building these platforms on flawed foundations incapable of automated customized garment fit is ridiculous.

It is time for manufactures to demand more from their PLM platforms; garment fitting software capable of sizing any garment for any body regardless of gender.  How can a CAD program that is incapable of customized fit offer solutions for global brand sizing?  Do not be told that “some bodies are impossible to fit” simply because current CAD MTM platforms do not offer solutions. Bespoke fit is possible for ALL bodies and I would argue that to fit a diverse market you must FIRST be able to custom fit a single individual.

The foundation for any apparel manufacturer is garment fit. If you want to control costs, reduce returns, and be competitive, produce garments that offer superior fit. If your PLM platform cannot automate customized garment fit for all bodies it is not Industry 4.0 ready.


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