Improved Garment Fit Without On-Demand Manufacturing


Industry 4.0 points to manufacturing that embraces both automated production and product customization.  The apparel industry has had difficulty embracing this model. The reasons cited include fickle or unreasonable customer preferences, difficult workflows, and production complexities, just to name a few.

Within Industry 4.0 there is ample room for traditionally produced RTW while still addressing the garment fit crisis. While mass customization is the foundation of Industry 4.0 product development, there will continue to be a need for a spectrum of manufactured garments.

On demand manufacturing is a key component of the future of apparel manufacturing but there are also ways for traditional manufacturing to embrace the future without manufacturing workflow disruption. Apparel sizing based on key fit areas eliminates the avidly discussed changes to the marker/cutting aspects of garment production. This translates to business as usual for fast fashion while still addressing body inclusivity.


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