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Emma Scott is available for consulting regarding the following upcoming publications.  Please direct inquiries here.


Calculating and Understanding Bra Size ~ Clearly explains bra fit and sizing in layman terms and presents accurate bra size prediction methods for different undergarments.  Discusses the difference between visual and actual cup size and how they apply to different undergarments.  Presents new and accurate bra size prediction methods for different undergarments, mastectomy fitting tips and analysis tools for breast reconstruction.  Also explains the sizing and support differences between underwire, sportsbras, corsets and bralettes.  An excellent resource for garment retailers and the general public. 


Breast, Bra, Garment: The Mathematical Models Behind Sizing and Fit ~ A critical analysis of industry bra sizing to mathematically predict the effect of undergarments on outer garments.  Identifies the difference between visual and actual cup size, and their effect on bust and garment fit.  Explains the breast model used for volumetric measurement of breast tissue and how this model is revealed in undergarments and outer garments.  Presents lingerie drafting and fitting methodologies that are compatible with developable garment design.


The Elusive Bra Block ~ Presents a new method for pattern drafting of bras that is suitable to mass customized manufacturing technologies.  Provides detailed instructions on how to draft the bra block and how the block interacts with garment blocks.  Understanding this block clarifies the correlation between visual and actual cup size and the relationship of bra to garment.


Gender Neutral Pattern Drafting for Mass Customization ~ Explains custom shaping algorithms for developable garment design that balance body fit with fabric grain.  Identifies key fit areas for body girth distribution, body height distribution and body weight distribution.  Explains algorithms to automate pattern customization to achieve the physical hand fitting methodologies of bespoke and couture products.


The Psychology of Garment Fit ~ Analyzes the psychology of fit preference and its effect on fit reality.  Suggests fit preference analysis methods for improving customer garment satisfaction. 


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