Attention MTM Garment Manufacturers


If your MTM software does not consider half body measurements then it is out of date.  Bespoke garment fit must consider how the front and back of the body differ.  Hip, abdomen, waist or bust girth are rarely equally divided between the front and back of the body.

As a 30 year veteran of bespoke custom garment design I can assure you that custom fit is ONLY achieved with close regard for half and even quarter body measurements.  Buttocks may protrude causing the back hip measurement to be large or may have little fullness causing an equal or smaller back hip.  A full abdomen will increase the front girth of a body or the fullness may be distributed on the body back.  Front or back waists may be larger or smaller and this critical shaping can set a manufacturer apart.  Bust girth is most definitely only considered on one half of the body!  Body scanned measurement data allows for precise measurement of these landmark body areas.  The time has come to ask why your MTM software does not utilize this data. 

What new technologies have you adopted to improve garment fit?  Software providers are in the business of developing software.  Body scan providers are in the business of measuring bodies.  PLM providers are in the business of managing digital data and processes.  Statisticians and sizing surveyors are in the business of updating measurement charts.  All of these things are essential components of Industry 4.0 but they do not address consumer poor fit complaints.

The time of mass customization is upon us.  Body shaming will not be tolerated and standardized sizing will no longer suffice. Data mining and body type classification alone will not customize fit.  Virtual garment design requires new fitting methodologies developed for virtual fitting environments.  

Who will be the first players in Industry 4.0 and how many more Kodak moments will there be?


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