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Emma Scott is an anthropometric researcher/clothing designer developing customized shaping algorithms that will integrate a higher level of custom fit into established mass customization technologies.  With thirty years custom designing and pattern drafting experience on both custom and made-to-measure clients, Emma has much to offer with regards to translating 3D body measurements to a 2D pattern.  This knowledge has been encapsulated into an Intelligent Shaping™ application that will enhance existing industries involved in producing made-to-measure garments from body scanned measurement data, virtual prototyping of garments on 3D avatars, and 3D computer modelling of  breasts.  A large portion of her research included a concentrated study of breast mounds. 

Emma’s pursuit with breast fit began in 1994 when she created a garment specific bra.  Predicting where the bra and garment would align appeared impossible and, at that time, lingerie drafting was a poorly documented subject.  Trial and error fitting created a matched bra and gown but the inability to mathematical correlate the bra and garment  would haunt her.

Choosing to focus on bridal and eveningwear manufacturing she left the intricacies of bra manufacturing yet still found herself challenged with the unpredictability of breast mound manipulation.  Frustrated with how a change in bra could affect garment fit she continually compiled data and tested new methods for sizing and fitting breast mounds. 

Emma has produced bridal, eveningwear and tailored apparel for women with discerning tastes for thirty years.  She has always been driven by a passion for fit and an understanding of fashion as a tool for self-esteem.  Her design is focused on empowering the wearer rather than on creating or following trends.  She emphasizes a belief that fashion should empower not dictate.

Emma studied Fashion Design at Olds College, started custom designing in 1987, grew to custom commercial in 1999, expanded to wholesale distribution in 2004, and began exporting to the US in 2005.  With superior fit and efficiency as her driving force she developed a pattern drafting program that could produce custom blocks in a quarter of the time required with hand drafting.  Although industry computer aided drafting software was available, only her proprietary methods for customizing darts provided the customized fit she desired.

Witnessing the transformative power of custom garments made her want to reach a larger audience than custom couture would allow.  In 2004 she began designing made-to-measure.  Obstacles with offering price conscious customization to the masses were quickly identified. While ordering databases, production methodologies and procurement were manageable challenges, the customizing of patterns was difficult to optimize.  A gown with built-in underwires became the thorn that she could no longer ignore.  Industry grading methodologies failed to produce satisfactory made-to-measure results and Emma wanted to know why. 

Disappointed with garment industry attempts at mass customization she scaled back to custom design and part-time anthropometric research in 2007.  To offer mass customization beyond girth and length would require new methodologies.  She began developing methodologies for gender neutral pattern drafting but soon encountered the familiar obstacles with breast mound fit.  In 2012 she committed to full-time research with the goal of being able to mathematically predict breast mound manipulation as a 2D pattern.  This research provided the essential missing data for the customized shaping algorithms she had first theorized in 1992.  Her sketchbooks and fabrics are still gathering dust while she documents her research and integrates her methodologies into established mass garment customized technologies.

Through her career she has proudly raised three sons to adulthood and managed to stay madly in love with her husband of thirty-two years.  Emma resides on Vancouver Island with her husband, two dogs, four cats, three transient sons, and a rotating circle of family and friends.  An artist at heart, there are hints of more collections to come.  Undoubtedly, they will offer a superb level of fit.

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